Remodeling and Renovations


Now is the time to re-create your personal space.

Turn your home into your dream home. Some of the most rewarding and important changes you can make in your home are upgrading your kitchen, your bathrooms, and re-creating your outdoor space. Tom and his Team were at the helm when many of the region’s finest communities were being built from the ground up, so they know those homes from the inside out. The finest homes are often ready for a cosmetic facelift, or maybe even a true makeover, after only 10 years. It makes sense to put our team’s knowledge and experience to work for you as you modernize the place you and your family call home.

  • Gestite RemodelingKitchens

  • Baths

  • Finished Basements

  • Outdoor Living Space

  • Additions – create additional living space

  • “Personal Space”

    – Hobbies

    – Home Offices

    – Studios

    – Studies

  • Mud rooms with drop zones, closets, and state-of-the-art washers & dryers

  • In-law suites

Ask about our proprietary client questionnaire, the Gestite Customer Profile, and find out how it can help you jumpstart the decisions you’re going to be making about your home. It can seem like a long and complicated process, but we can make it easy. It all starts with our customer profile and it ends with the home of your dreams!