About Tom

About Tom Gestite

When you decide to do something as important as building your dream home…or making changes in the home you’ve lived in and loved for so many years, you need an extremely knowledgable professional partner to get you to where you want to be.

What you don’t need…in fact the last thing you need…is “a guy with a tool belt and a pick-up truck.”

You want and deserve and should demand a skilled and experienced professional. Someone who has done it all before. Many times and with great success.

Someone recognized across the luxury home industry as a person who delivers what his clients want. On time. On budget. And with sophisticated attention to every nuance and detail. Someone who will make the process work like you would, if you had the knowledge and experience!

That’s why you need to talk with Tom Gestite before you do anything else.

Tom is the son of a builder, grew up in the industry, and worked at the highest levels for one of the nation’s most respected luxury home builders. In fact, Tom began his career with Toll Brothers the very next day after he graduated from LaSalle University in 1989.

It is no exaggeration to say that Tom has done it all in the luxury home building industry. His clients love him and he returns that affection by building YOUR home as if it were HIS own home.


Ask about our proprietary client questionnaire, the Gestite Customer Profile, and find out how it can help you jumpstart the decisions you’re going to be making about your home.


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